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Two Questions Touching the Nature of God Which Arise from the Story Found in Genesis 32:24-32

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are known at the patriarchs of the Jewish people. In the Bible (Genesis 32:24-32), a story is found of Jacob wrestling with a man. Before the end of the story, this man is also revealed to be a divine being, possibly an angel, or perhaps even God himself. What is most curious about this event is not that Jacob is wrestling with a divine being, but that the divine being does not prevail against Jacob.

This story thus presents at least two questions: With whom did Jacob wrestle? and Why was this person unable to prevail against Jacob? As the story clearly points to a divine being as the answer to the first question, the second question becomes much more significant. It leads us to ask how or why God did not prevail against Jacob. In fact, the paradox of this issue has led some to question or doubt the nature of the God of the Bible, and to question the Christian faith.

This article attempts to answer both questions that arise from this story: With whom did Jacob wrestle? and Why wa
s this person unable to prevail against Jacob?

  • 17 June 2016
  • Author: Marc Bayne
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The Historical Reliability of the Writings of Luke the Historian


Recently someone told me, "History is history". I think he probably meant that history is just facts, not conjecture. It struck me because there are skeptics of history who think we can know almost nothing about the past. Apparently this person was not one of those. Since it was not the main thread of our discussion I took it at face value. But if this is even a partly true statement, it is as true of Christianity as much as any other subject of history. 

by Scott Cherry

This is an article I wrote originally as the introduction for a series of posts for a Facebook group called "The Bridge". The series is called "The History of Christianity".  Its focus is exclusively on the formative years of Christianity and its small number of primary founders in the 1st century only.  Every history relies on sources, and Christianity is no exception.  My source is the historian Luke. First I will introduce Luke, and next I will introduce a modern historian, Sir William Ramsay, to tell us more about Luke and the credibility of Luke's writings.         

  • 3 June 2016
  • Author: Scott Cherry
  • Number of views: 11749
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