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Ramadan Mubarak, Day 6: Sincerity in Fasting

On taking good intentions and making them larger than God Himself

  • 21 May 2018
  • Author: Guest Blogger
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by Adam Jones

I enjoy fasting. I mean, I enjoy it and I hate it. For someone who loves food, fasting becomes a major disruption to my rhythms and routines.  Even now, as I write this, I am watching the clock; waiting for it to strike noon so I can eat my lunch. Fasting is my way of breaking those habits. However, one thing I am learning is that God is not as impressed with the act of fasting as I am. It’s not that He doesn’t care. It’s just that He knows how quickly my piety can lead to self-righteousness. I, like many others, end up suffering from the same affliction that man has been battling since very early in our existence: taking good intentions and making them larger than God Himself. 

Ramadan Mubarak, Day 5: More Than a Scapegoat

The origin of "scapegoat" and how it is not good enough

  • 20 May 2018
  • Author: Guest Blogger
  • Number of views: 40
by Sarah Davis

In the Jewish faith, fasting can be done for a variety of reasons. You can fast when you mourn that someone died. You can fast to help you in your prayer, so you can experience God without distractions.
 You can also fast as a sign for repentance, to show God that you have done wrong, that you want to turn back to Him, and to ask for His forgiveness. This last kind is what I want to write about.

Ramadan Mubarak, Day 4: Holy and Awesome

How fasting should drive me to the realization of God's holy awesomeness

  • 19 May 2018
  • Author: Guest Blogger
  • Number of views: 66
by Aaron Hamel

Muslims wash before prayer (wudoo), but none of them have ever said they would die if they did not do it. Yet the God of the Bible is so awesome and holy (set apart) that even the Jewish priests of the ancient Tawrat needed a way to become holy themselves if they were to enter into God’s presence. As I thought about it more I realized that this is why I fast as well. You see, God’s standard is perfection because He is completely awesome and perfectly holy. How then can I possibly be in an obedient relationship with this holy, awesome God? Well, I need every reminder about getting to God, including fasting. God alone is so big that He is in a category by Himself: holy Awesome! Let's reflect on this...

Ramadan Mubarak, Day 3

The futility of Righteousness

by Steve Schlichter - The Futility of Righteousness.

King Solomon was known for being wise. In this famous story Solomon was approached by two women that both claimed the same child. He was able to tell which was the real mother by threatening to cut the child in half. The real mother is the one who loved the child more than her love of being a mother. Solomon recorded some of his wisdom in a book called Ecclesiastes (in the Old Testament).  

Ramadan Mubarak, Day 2: The Two Faces of Ramadan

A former Muslim's reflections on some of the ethical disparities of fasting

  • 16 May 2018
  • Author: Guest Blogger
  • Number of views: 98

by Wissam Yousif

Ramadan has two faces.

Most people see its happy face. Ramadan is a happy part of the year for Muslims, and no one can really tell why. On one hand, Muslims have to fast Ramadan anyway, so they are not looking for an extra blessing, but rather a fulfillment of an ordinance, a Pillar of Islam. On the other hand, they talk about a month that is especially generous in its blessings, “Ramadan Kareem,” when God multiplies His rewards for good deeds more than the rest of the year. It sounds like He doesn’t care for benevolence, for example, throughout the rest of the year, the way He cares for benevolence in Ramadan.

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