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Has the Bible Been Corrupted Over Time?

What Every Muslim Needs to Know About How We Got the New Testament (Injeel), part 1

Muslims believe that the Bible has been corrupted and redacted by later editors. This claim is an old one and many scholars who have held this view have had to fall on their swords in the past. The fact is that modern scholarship can objectively demonstrate that:

  • We can be confident that the Greek New Testament has not changed from what was penned by the original authors.
  • We can be assured that the contemporaries of the original authors received the plurality of the New Testament as the inspired word of God.
  • History demonstrates that the earliest Christians held to exactly 4 gospels that we can identify as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
  • The process of canonization and the recognition of which books were inspired occurred extremely early.

A Reasonable Criteria

I believe in divine revelation, but I do not accept every sacred book that claims to be such, mainly because they are rationally exclusive.  But I don’t just dismiss them out-of-hand, blindly, I reject them for specific reasons.  Even though they claim to be divine revelation, I put them all through the same grid of reason which is necessary to identify something as revelation. 
  • 30 September 2015
  • Author: Scott Cherry
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Ever wondered why ISIS acts so contrary to reason?

Two theological schools emerged within Sunni Islam in the ninth century. The first, the Mu’tazalites, said that God is reason and justice. The Mu’tazalites held that man’s first duty is to reason because the existence of God is not self-evident.

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What We’re About

Ratio Fidei is Latin for the “Reason of Faith”, or Rational Faith. Our mission is to put forth, examine and defend the historical philosophical and scientific evidence for Christianity through the discipline of apologetics that integrates faith and reason. We want to help students like you follow Jesus Christ intelligently, loving God with both your heart and your mind. (Matt. 22:37)

  • 18 August 2015
  • Author: Scott Cherry
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How the Qur'an confirms the authenicity of the gospels

I often wonder how different my beliefs would be if I grew up under different circumstances. Am I a Christian only because I was raised by Christians? What if I had been raised by atheists or by Hindus? Would I come to the same conclusions that I arrive at now?  

I have even made attempts in the past to clear my slate (as best I can) and start from scratch. It is important to examine our own beliefs. Why do I believe in God? Why do I believe Jesus is God? If I start over, would I re-assemble the same construct that I have now or would it look different? While we are (admittedly) incapable of entirely setting aside beliefs, one can attempt to imagine different starting points in life and explore the reasoning premised on the beliefs we hold. Imagine that you were a Muslim (are perhaps you are). If the Qur'an alone were your starting point then where would it guide you?

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